Tickle Me Until I Pee

Starring Hannah, and Megan

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Foot/Arm/Tummy Tickling, Tickling, and Watersports

Hannah has been spending her roommates money as if it grew on the tree in the backyard. Megan has had enough of supporting Hannah's spending habits. After an argument, Megan comes up with a way to teach Hannah a lesson. She offers to forgive Hannah's debt - IF and only if Hannah can withstand 15 minutes of intense tickling without wetting herself. Hannah agrees. Megan ties Hannah's hands to the arms of the chair and starts tickling her armpits and tummy. Hannah really thinks she's going to survive the heavy tickling....but she eventually does wet herself and Megan's bed. Hannah is tickled on her tummy, armpits, legs, feet and crotch area - starting out with clothes on but ending up naked.

"Tickle Me Until I Pee" - 15 minutes

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