Wonder Woman's Downfall

Starring Alex as Wonder Woman, and Toni as Wonder Woman

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Chloroformed/Carried, Humiliation, Nudity, Sex Toys/Dildos, Sexual Content, and Superheroines

Every little girl grows up wanting to be her favorite Superheroine - Toni has devised such a plan over the years.  She's found a seamstress to put together the main part of Wonder Woman's outfit - all that's missing are the essential items which make WW who she really is - her belt, cuffs, magic lasso and her boots!  Toni's plan is put into action - she sends a distress call out to lure WW to her home.   We next see WW receiving and call and responding.  Cautiously examining the area, she finds herself confronted by the innocently maniacal Toni, dressed in a suit similar to hers!  She is chloroformed and falls to the ground.  Toni, not wanting the fun to be over JUST YET - decides to tie WW up so she can humiliate her.  WW, tied and gagged to the bed, is slowly stripped while being taunted as her belt and other essentials are removed from her body!!  Toni plans on replacing WW - her ultimate fantasy come true!   She pulls out one of her own toys to make WW come against her will - fondling her breasts, slowly working her way down WW's body with the toy.    WW is left bound and gagged on the bed - in all her glory while Toni sets off to fulfill her fantasy of being WW.

"Wonder Woman's Downfall" - 34 minutes

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