Tickle Interrogations #2

Starring Alex, and Toni

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Body Parts, Chloroformed, Chloroformed/Carried, Feet, Foot/Arm/Tummy Tickling, Knocked Out, Medical, and Tickling

Scene 1: Toni, working security, has been on her feet for 8 hours and they are incredibly tired and sore. The robber (Alex) sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her - tying her to the bed. All she wants is the combination to the vault. When Toni resists giving her the information, she is subjected to intense foot, armpit and tummy tickling by the robber. Scene 2: Alex is being grilled by Toni for the information she wants. Alex is steadfast in her refusal - even going so far as to follow Toni's orders to strip to her bra and panty just so she won't have to tell what she knows. She then finds herself tied to the bed with her feet in stocks. Toni gives her a few more opportunities to tell her what she wants to know - but Alex refuses and is blindfolder subjected to foot tickling using fingers, electric toothbrush and a fork. As the final insult, Toni makes her worship her feet - rubbing and licking.

"Tickle Interrogations #2" - 30 minutes

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