Tied and Tickled Torture

Starring Tyler

Featuring Chloroformed/Carried, Erotic Tickling, Molestation, Nudity, Sexual Content, and Tickling

Tyler has the hots for her coworker and gets sexually aroused by being tied up and tortured with intense tickling and sexual teasing and stimulation. Tyler convinces her friend to come over and tease her like crazy, eliciting several orgasms. The tickling involves fingers, a feather, an electric toothbrush, magic wand, paint brush, ice, massage oil and a dildo. The tickling is continuous and intense and Tyler is tickled in her underarms, breast, ribs, belly, thighs and pussy, some over the panty tickling of her pussy and tits as well as some naked pussy and tit tickling with all the above devices. She is energetic and squirming with hip wriggling and torso twisting, not necessarily wild thrashing violent contortions. Although Tyler is not the most ticklish girl around, her laughs and movements in response to tickling are quite sensual. This video is classified as a sexual teasing more than a pure tickling video.

"Tied and Tickled Torture" - 60 minutes

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